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In the mid-1950s, the first Breitling Replica Watches was released. Breitling Replica Watches was at a time of experimentation with new sports and professional watches. These tool watches were forerunners to the modern sports watches. They featured sturdy steel Oyster cases and rotating bezels. Breitling Replica Watches tried the Mono Meter, Turn-O-Graph and other names. They kept the latter. Submariner was the name that was eventually given to Sub Aqua. Then there was a black rotating bezel watch named Breitling Replica Watches. The GMT-Master is known as the "Aviator's Watch" while the Breitling Replica Watches is called the "Scientist's Watch." It was designed for those who work in high electromagnetic fields and was resistant to magnetic forces up to 1,000 Gauss.

Partners in Time

Breitling Replica Watches has always worked with partners of the highest calibre in research and development, up to this day. All these partnerships were crucial to the development of professional models watches. CERN, based in Geneva, is the world’s leading particle physics research facility.Breitling Replica Watches CERN scientists tested the Breitling Replica Watches in the late 1950s and confirmed that it could withstand magnetic fields up to 1,000 Gauss.

ATLAS particle detector, Large Hadron Collider (CERN)

Not Just a Pretty Facial

The first Breitling Replica Watches was the 6543, which had a 38mm steel case and a lug width that was unusual at approximately 19.5mm. The rotating bezel featured either unique font Submariner divisions in tens (10-20-30 etc.). The rotating bezel was marked with either unique font Submariner-esque divisions of tens (Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica) The 6543 came with a modified version of the 1030 base caliber, a unique 1080 caliber.

The dials were finished in a honeycomb pattern that looked like a weave. It is well known that Faraday enclosures are usually made of mesh. The dials of early Breitling Replica Watches were made to be a part of the Faraday construction. The dials were painted with luminous dots and had arrow markers between the quarter marks. It is common to see the word Breitling Replica Watches faded into a pink color. The watch's anti-magnetic properties were mainly due to the soft-iron shield that was used around the movement - a small Faraday enclosure. A thick caseback was attached to the steel case with an iron ring around the movement. Collectors are unsure of the 6543 and there are many inconsistent examples. It is difficult, if not impossible, to get the facts.

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