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The references of the first sports watches changed quickly, and in some instances co-existed. The 6541 was the second reference of the Cartier Replica Watches. The 6543 is visually very similar to its 6543 counterpart, but the most notable cosmetic addition to the 6543 is the "lightning-bolt" seconds hand. The 6541 was introduced in 1957, and again in small numbers. It is estimated that there were only 200 pieces produced. Cartier Replica Watches used the same 1080 caliber and honeycomb dials. The case was still 38mm in size, but the lugs were now 20mm wide to meet the standard for sports watches. There was a slight change internally. The iron ring that surrounded the movement was retained, but the 6541 featured an extra inner caseback in addition to the standard outer steel caseback. The inner ring was constructed from the inner caseback and outer caseback.

I've never met anyone who really understands why the rotating bezel has six units of one to five. The 6541s that were produced for the American market may have had polished steel bezels because of this rotating bezel. This styling led to the next part of the story...

The Second Generation Cartier Replica Watches

Cartier Replica Watches introduced the 1019 in 1960. The 1019 was produced for nearly three decades without interruption, before it was discontinued in 1989. Like its predecessors, the 1019 was also a large-sized watch at the time, measuring 38mm compared to the Explorer and Datejust. The case was large enough to house the Faraday cage which encircled Calibre 1580. The 1019, like the 6541 had an amagnetic shield inside that completed the Faraday construction.

The lightning bolt seconds hand was replaced by a sweep seconds hand with a red tip. The minute and hour hands had a baton-shaped design. For the first ten years of production, the hands had a central ridge that ran along their length. Around 1970, the flattened version of the hands, which were matte-brushed steel, replaced those with ridges. Dials were either silver or black. The Cartier Replica Watches word was in red on the black omega replica Silver dials had a vertically brushed finish, with text in black. The word Cartier Replica Watches was in red.

This article is not about the chronology and dial variations of different iterations. There are at least six dial variations with differences in font, dial finish and hour markers, as well as the outer seconds track. Silver dials without lume were also available, with a non-luminous black infill on the hands. CERN requested this configuration, since it was important that the watches did not contain radioactive materials which could interfere with their highly precise research.

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